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Wellcome !

On behalf of the organizing committee we would like to welcome all participants of the 9th Europe-China Symposium on “Stem cell and Regenerative Medicine”. This symposium will follow the annual meeting of the International Research Network (GDRI CeSMeR). The symposium will be held in Strasbourg (France) from 2 to 4 October 2019.

The aim of this symposium is to provide researchers, clinicians and students a comprehensive overview of stem cells and medical applications in cellular and tissue engineering for the treatment of various chronic diseases. The main objective is to bring scientists together from various disciplines and experiences and to discuss the recent advances in the use and applications of stem cells. The main topics that will be discussed in this colloquium are:

  • Stem cells regulation and stem cells production (GMP)
  • Molecular and cellular mechanism of stem cell proliferation and differentiation, Biomolecules (growth factor, drugs, …)
  • Influence of mechanical forces on cells and tissues
  • mechanotransduction, modeling
  • Cell and tissue engineering, cell therapy, animal models
  • Advances in biomaterials for clinical applications
  • Nanomedicine, bioprinting
  • Stem cells and immunotherapy
  • New trends in stem cells and Regenerative Medicine

The objective of this symposium is to provide a global overview of the recent knowledge in these fields and to promote exchanges and discussions between the participants.

Previous symposia have been successfully held in France (Nancy, 2016), and in China (Shangrao 2017, and Wuhan 2018).

Strasbourg, located in the east part of France near the German border, is the capital of Alsace and the location of the Europe Parliament. It is well known by its University and Research Centers, including three Nobel prizes in Chemistry and Medicine, as well as by its typical touristic attractions.

We hope you will enjoy the symposium held in a wonderful place where science and tourism are closely linked.


Invited Speakers

As of 28th August, the following speakers are invited for a plenary session :

  • Raymond ARDAILLOU (Member of the National Academy of Medecine and honorary permanent secretary) : Regenerative medicine: which cells?
  • Abdul BARAKAT (cellular mechanics and fluid flow, Ecole Polytechnique, LadHyX) : Biophysical Regulation of Vascular Endothelial Cell Morphology and Migration
  • Johann CLOUET (Regenerative Medicine and Skeleton, INSERM UMR_S 1229) : Intervertebral disc regeneration: from cell therapy to the development of novel bioinspired endogenous repair strategies
  • Zhong Chao HAN (Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences & Beijing Union Medical College, Institute of Health and Stem Cells) : Research progress of mesenchymal Stem Cells:application in vascular diseases
  • Bruno JARRY (President of the Academy of Technology) : Stem cells-based medical applications in Europe: a joint evaluation by the French National Academy of Medicine and the National Academy of Technology
  • Hervé PETITE (Osteo-articular bioingineering and bioimaging, University Paris Diderot, B3OA) : Engineering bone with Mesenchymal Stem Cells: challenges and obstacles


Important dates and information

Call for abstracts

Abstract for oral presentation or poster must be submitted in English in one A4 page including authors, affiliations, corresponding address, acknowledgements following the template provided (see Registration and Abstracts link). The abstracts should be sent to Dr. Daniel George (

  • Oral presentation: 20 min including 5 min discussion
  • Poster presentation: A0 format
  • Publications: Accepted abstracts will be published in a conference abstract book. Full papers will be considered for publication in an international journal or a conference proceeding book in 2020. Authors’ guidelines will be given during the Symposium.

Important dates

Deadline for abstract submission is September 7th, 2019.

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